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Benvenuti | Welcome to Viaggio nella Cultura Italiana's Blog!

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Viaggio nella cultura italiana (VCI) in Italian means Travel into Italian culture. Read our blog to discover more about Italy & Italian culture, and to be up to date on VCI's news & events!

Glimpse of Sicilian cove with olive trees
A glimpse of Sicilian cove with olive trees

What is Viaggio?

Viaggio nella Cultura Italiana is a cultural project focused on Italian culture & Italy. Viaggio aims to spread Italian culture by making it accessible to everyone, everywhere.

It started with online series of 4 theme-based cultural events, in Italian, enriched by exclusive & original videos by unique guests from Italy.

The idea was to take a virtual walk through centuries of history & Italian culture alongside architects, sculptors, painters, writers, poets, inventors...and much more!

Today, Viaggio has the aspiration to become an international cultural hub about all things Italian for everyone, everywhere. But not only...because when you start a cultural flow you'll never know where will take you & what will bring. And, this is the most thrilling side of this new project!

Discover more & stay tuned on our website!

Travel & Dream with Open Eyes with us from VCI

Viaggio will create interesting & stimulating cultural content, and will offer Italian cultural expertise as well as events, courses, news & talks. Join us in this challenging journey!

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